Exit Stage Right, On Obama’s Watch, Europe is Failing, Brexit Nears

What I’m listening to.

Mozart : Oboe Quartet In F Major K 370 Adagio

Driving the GOP crazy.

New York Times --Obama’s Last Tango

BARACK OBAMA is tangoing into history, and there’s something perfect about that.

My way.

The Atlantic -- The Obama Doctrine

The U.S. president talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world.

In his masterwork Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 the great Tony Judt argues essentially that Europe was created to absorb all of the great hatreds of tribal Europe to prevent it from tearing itself apart again, and with the help of the Americans, prevent the Soviet Union from colonizing it.  The other critical theme was the vital importance of the state in guaranteeing an enormous range of benefits and Judt’s unabashed support of this, so much so that one reviewer noted that Judt’s book could be boiled down to ‘the more state the better’. The now too familiar Islamic inspired terror attacks by radicalized European citizens has rightly left many questioning whether ‘Europe’ and its ‘states’ can deal with this new threat. The British will be the first to vote on this question recalling that the first job of the state is to secure the safety and peace of mind of its citizens. 

Another strike against ‘Europe’.

The Atlantic -- Brussels Attacks: What the Belgians Missed

The systemic intelligence problems that couldn’t prevent Tuesday’s attacks.

(ed’s note -- with friends like these who needs enemies ...)

New York Times -- 'Postwar': Picking Up the Pieces

An old Soviet-era joke, retold by Tony Judt on the next-to-last page of his enormous book "Postwar," is about a phone-in on "Armenian Radio." Is it possible, an eager caller asks, to foretell the future? "Yes," comes the weary answer. "No problem. We know exactly what the future will be. Our problem is with the past: that keeps changing."


National Post -- Jochen Bittner: Can the European centre hold?

“Run!” shouts a voice, captured, for all the world to hear, on cellphone images shot in the seconds after two bombs exploded at the Brussels airport on Tuesday morning. Travellers from around the world flee a shattered building, fearful of more bombs.


Vox World -- Shutting down immigration won't solve Europe's terrorism problem

There's still much we don't know about Tuesday's terror attacks in the Belgian capital of Brussels, but one thing seems inevitable: There will be renewed calls for crackdowns on refugees and migrants in Europe and for limiting Syrian or even Muslim immigration here in the US.

One view.

Telegraph -- Quitting the EU 'would help our security', former MI6 chief suggests

Sir Richard Dearlove said: 'The truth about Brexit from a national security perspective is that the cost to Britain would be low’.




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